Innovation with Energy.

Smart Energy Systems

Energy systems will become smart to meet the requirement of a stable electricity supply even when the energy sources, such as wind- and solar power, are highly volatile. This will enable a 100% electricity supply by RENEWABLE ENERGIES for most countries in the world. Furthermore smart energy systems are needed to make the overall system more EFFICIENT in order to reduce use of resources and capital. To achieve this, smart devices are necessary to interconnect renewable energies with the grid operation and SMART CONSUMERS. Smart consumers will be especially large INDUSTRIAL or COMMERCIAL facilities, ELECTRIC VEHICLES and other types of STORAGE [Not the so called smart meter for end customers]. The matching of supply and demand for energy will happen automatically and will not involve a change of usage patterns for end customers. Thereby it also constitutes the first complete application case of the Digitalization of a whole industry.

To foster the introduction of SMART ENERGY SYSTEMS we provide consulting solutions for the following areas:

  • Industrial Micro Smart Grids – Renewable, reliable and sustainable onsite generation
  • Economic optimization of industrial energy consumption
  • Energy management solutions
  • Digitization and Process Automation Consulting
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Future energy system and market design for 100% renewables

Smart Energy project activity

  • 2019 - 2020Chief Marketing Officer of Software to plan and manage decentral energy generation for industrial and commercial buildings
  • 2016Smart Meter disaggregation venture project with SmartB
  • 2015Organization of Smart Energy Community Conference
  • 2014-2015Development of a decentralized energy supply strategy for a large industrial consumer in the context of the “Energiewende” (Industrial Micro Smart Grids) – incl. flexible energy management platform for multiple use cases
  • 2014Co-founder of Smart Energy Community Conference
  • 2013Project lead of “Speicherstudie” - a project to connect large uninterruptable power supply systems of a telecommunication provider to the frequency control of a large utility
  • 2012Development of the pan European business area Smart Energy Systems for EIT Digital together with the leading European research institutes, universities and industry actors
  • 2010Smart Metering & Smart Grid in Germany – Technology Roadmap until 2020

Clients and partners

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