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Dipl. Wi.-Ing. Christian Huder


BERLIN offers a very UNIQUE ECOSYSTEM to support and encourage ENTREPRENEURSHIP. There is hardly any other city in the world, that provides such a matchless ecosystem: political stability, access to finance, strong national markets and a city which is still under development after its reunification in 1989, providing lots of affordable, open spaces in the city centre for new ideas and creative people. This especially attracts DIVERSE PEOPLE from all over the world, who dive into the urban space to explore alternative ways of living apart from the standard capitalism which obviously does not do a good job in protecting our planet. This ecosystem is supported and amplified by an extremely wide range of cultural activities. At the same time there are very good social security instruments in place and only few governmental limitations hinder the evolution of individuals.

This way of living has also produced a broad consent, that ECONOMIES must operate SUSTAINABLY and need to protect our environment and climate in order to ensure a positive growth of society in the future.

Combining this, with Germany`s leading position in building and operating renewable energies, Berlin is clearly a singular place for CLEANTECH INNOVATION and entrepreneurship. Current investment rates into Berlin start-ups back this observation: in the first half of 2015 it surpassed already €1.5 bn and thereby achieved the highest investment rate in Europe1. But this does not make other innovation centres around the world less attractive, which is why we cultivated a strong NETWORK across Europe and to the Silicon Valley.

(1) Ey – Start-up-Barometer Deutschland

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